Embrace Vintage Charm with #UnlacqueredBrass: Transforming Your Bathroom into a Timeless Retreat

Unlacquered brass finishes develop a rich patina that adds character and charm. Compatible with US plumbing standards ½” NPT.
The gooseneck design with a tall spout that gracefully extends high above the counter, curving downwards to deliver a smooth stream of water directly into the sink.
The height of the spout provides ample distance from the counter-top, making it ideal for filling large pots, washing tall vases, or simply washing your hands with ease.
To ensure the perfect fit in your space, this faucet can be customized in different lengths of the spout and reach, making it truly one-of-a-kind

Features :
For cold and hot water with a swivel spout.
Provided with 2 hoses for installation.
Equipped with an Aerator to regulate the flow of the water
Material: Solid Brass
Installation type: attach to the counter-top or rest on the sink (Deck-mount)
Finish: Unlacquered brass

Spec sheet and installation guide are available.

The faucet is shipped to your doors. We take care of all the hustle. For non-US clients. Additional customs fees may apply on your purchase at delivery.