Hand Hammered Brass Oval Sink - Handcrafted Drop-in Sink



Handcrafted Brass Drop-In Sink  - Moroccan Brass Bathroom Sink 

Transform your bathroom into a small palace with this beautiful nickel sink. This amazing piece will give your bathroom or kitchen room a unique look.
This sink is designed to be installed as a drop-in sink.
Drop-in sinks will add liveliness to your space with their ability to match any design and style to create a joyful space that is uniquely you. Offering a beautiful view and creative appeal to your house.
The measures of this sinks can be customized depending on your vision.
This Hand Hammered Oval Bathroom Sink is 100% handcrafted by our Moroccan skilled artisans to strike a balance of beautiful design with lasting performance.


  • High quality moroccan construction
  • Solid brass



  • length : 19 - 1/2"
  • width : 13 - 1/2"
  • lip : 1 - 1/4" 
  • height: 4 - 1/2 "


  • length : 17"
  • width : 11"
  • drain : 2 - 1/8 " 
  • depth : 4"

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