Hammered Bras brass vessel sink, Antique Engraved Sink ,hand-decorated sink, charming color

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Hammered brass vessel sink, Antique Engraved Sink , Brass hand-decorated sink, charming color

equisite and practical antique Brass sink , gold color bathroom sink made by craftsmen and handcrafted, can be placed in the bathroom as well as in the kitchen or anywhere you like, the Vessel sink with its exquisite shape and antique appearance, adds a wonderful decoration to your home .

Its color: brass
Height : 11 cm
Diameter: 45 cm

This Sink ​is made of pure brass with a wonderful Moroccan decoration and antique .

Our products are decorated and manufactured by craftsmen who have great experience in the field of copper and its derivatives industry, and owning a product like this increases the look of your home beautifully and elegantly. 

What you see in the picture and in the description is what you will find upon receiving the order, and if you find any disagreement or hatred for the product, you can exchange or return it and all the products are completely handmade and done by the traditional method.

And be sure that everyone who sees it will definitely love it.