Copper & Brass Kitchen Rail, Coat Rail or Towel Rail


Copper & Brass Kitchen Rail, Coat Rail or Towel Rail;

Copper & Brass Rail ~ 50cm ~

Can be used for hallways, bathrooms, and kitchens, perfect for organising and storing kitchen accessories, pans & anything required to be a chef!

Copper is considered one of the best materials for handles as bacteria and viruses do not last long on this surface

Can also be used as a coat rail, perfect for winter and hanging up those thick coats!!

Lightweight but durable it can hold even the heaviest items

With use it ages to give it a beautiful vintage look but a bit of Brasso or lemon juice makes it brand new again!

Can be made to order to fit a specific space in your home, but also comes in 5/10/20 inch length & 15mm width,

Included in this listing is:

~50cm Copper Rail~
~2 x Brass Wall Attachments~
~5 x Solid Brass S hooks~