Brass Pot Filler - Unlacquered Brass Faucet

This is the faucet you are looking for when using only cold water in your kitchen. Handcrafted in Morocco from unlacquered brass, which gives it elegance and luxury, it will definitely make your kitchen special because the faucet acquires a patina over time.

- 360° Swivel Spout.
- Standard US / EUR Plumbing (1/2 inches).

Materials: Unlacquered brass

Dimensions: The dimensions are indicated in the photos

Warranty Covers:
- We cover loss or damage to your shipments.
- Parts missing or inappropriate.
- If there are breaks or leaks in the faucet.
- If the Faucet is not as pictured.

Your order will be carefully packed to ensure that it gets you in excellent condition.

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