Antique Copper Shower Head - Round Rain Shower Head

  • Copper finish. Catch an old-world charm with its living finish that will develop a patina over time.Solid copper construction. will last through the years and be part of your home's identityTraditional construction. This makes it easy to find replacements when old parts wear out. Tested under high water pressure conditions to ensure the highest quality and performance standards, so your satisfaction is always guaranteed.

This Particular Handcrafted shower head will fit perfectly in your copper style and grab immediate attention.

The shower head is made with solid copper in contrast with the copper finish shower heads. And, in consequence it is meant to last and preserve your legacy.

The shower head dimensions are in the listing pictures

Handling and Shipping take around 5-10 days depending on your location.

I'm also offering Free assistance after the order whenever you feel like it is necessary to go through with your project.
NOTE: Size is customized, contact us if you need a certain size .
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